Inhaler Technique Review


Inhaler Technique Review

Are you currently using one or more inhalers? If the answer is yes then this service might be for you.

Did you know that using your inhaler with the correct technique is key to getting the most benefit out of your inhaler? The Inhaler Technique Review and Training Service is designed to improve the management of patients with respiratory conditions through targeted inhaler technique review and training to ensure that patients use their inhalers correctly.

The type of interventions that are made as part of this service may include advice on inhaler usage and a plan to improve adherence. Also, a discussion around effective use of regular and when required inhalers and ensuring that the patient knows the difference between the different types of inhalers they are using. If there is a need for a change of inhaler or dose or frequency, this can be communicated to the GP with a referral where appropriate.

If you are using inhalers, ask the pharmacy to check if you qualify for this service.